Welcome ta my world o’ picturey stuff!

What up, feebs? So I’ve bin appearin’ in some web comics lately, an’ Sandi tells me this Tumblr thing is THE place ta post stuff like that (an’ whatever else picturey and freakin’ awesome I decide to post), so here I am! Because if there’s one thing I like more than shootin’ (deservin’. Only deservin’. Totally deservin’.) people in the head, it’s postin’ my brand an’ mark an’ mask all over EVERYTHING. (Ya know they pay me fer that, right? They were tryin’ ta give me that, “x pennies every time your image appears” crap, but I got them ta just pay me in bullets instead. BULLLLLLLETTTTTSSSSSS!!!!!)

It turns out some total whittle came along an’ appropriated “ask-deadpool” AND “askdeadpool” while I was out finishin’ some eXtreme hero work (seriously. HEROIC!!) so I’m gonna go hunt ‘em down (and do non-specific hurty things ta their sensitive appendages fer tryin’ ta be me when it’s so clearly not possible) but in th’ meantime, here I’ll be. SO FOLLOW ME. (Or else.)